Post Workout Trick For Rapid Fat Loss

Published: 17th August 2008
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For several years now, post-workout nutrition has been studied rather extensively. These studies have shown that intaking a shake (consisting of simple sugars and whey protein) immediately following your workout greatly assists in muscle recovery replenishment.

The results of these studies have shown such positive results from using these shakes, I doubt that you can find a fitness expert who doesn't advocate their use regularly. Is this the best protocol for everyone to follow? Let's look at this objectively and answer this question once and for all.

I agree that post workout nutrition is very important for the purposes mentioned above. If your goal is primarily muscle building or weight gain, these shakes are a great way to easily consume an abundant amount of calories at a time when your body is least likely to store those calories as body fat.

You see, following an intense workout, your muscles are depleted and are thirsty for replenishment. Therefore most of the calories ingested at this time will be soaked up by the muscles, making less calories available to be stored as fat.

But remember what our goal is: Losing body fat! Do you believe that it's a good practice to slam down a sugary beverage after each workout when your goal is maximal fat loss? How can all of that sugar better your fat burning results? The reality is that it does not. In my experience, these shakes can slow the rate of fat loss rather significantly.

After reading through all of the research, I've learned that these studies were not performed on subjects whose goals were fat loss specifically. So I experimented with these shakes on myself and my clients. The rate of fat loss slowed across the board. These are real world results and unlike some lab study, these findings are accurate. So to burn fat at the fastest rate possible, you must lose those high sugar post-workout shakes!

I'm sure you're saying, "Alright, but what should my post-workout meal consist of?" The answer to this question is much less complicated than the supplement companies want you to believe. All you need to do is eat a solid meal! This meal can be structured exactly like any of your daily meals. I do believe however, that this meal should be eaten within one hour after your workout.

Without fail, you will lose body fat faster with natural, solid food. So if burning body fat rapidly is your goal, forget about using post-workout shakes. Eat a great meal and say goodbye to your body fat.

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