Killer Ab Workouts You Can Do At Home

Published: 20th January 2009
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When most people attempt to perform ab workouts at home, they usually just lie on the floor and engage in a marathon of crunch repetitions. This all too common approach will never lead to a well-balanced set of six pack abs.

First of all, the crunch can only serve a purpose to some beginners. Once you become strong enough to bang out sets of 50 or more, the resistance the crunch provides is just too little to cause a training effect.

Secondly, the crunch only trains the abs in one range of motion: flexion of the trunk. Flexing the trunk is only one of the many ranges of motion that your abdominal muscles are capable of. Any well designed ab workout will include exercises that target all major ranges of motion. The bottom line is, the crunch alone can never provide a complete ab workout.

Instead, you must utilize several effective ab exercises, each one training your abdominal musculature in a different movement pattern. Although this may seem confusing, it is actually very simple once to understand the basic function of your abdominal muscles.

Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with a lesson in anatomy. Instead, I'm going to lay out a complete, ready to use ab workout for you. The following workout contains only exercises that require no equipment whatsoever, making them ideal for a home training session. Here it is:

1a) Reverse Crunch On Floor 3x20-25 30 sec rest 1b) Straight Body Side Crunch On Floor 3x12 (5sec hold) 30 sec rest 2a) Plank 3x60 sec 30 sec rest 2b) Seated Russian Twists With Leg Cycle 3x20-25 30 sec rest

Here is a description on how each exercise should be performed for maximal results:

Reverse Crunch On Floor- Lie on your back on a mat. Flex both knees and hips to 90 degree angles. Bring knees toward chest by flexing abdominal muscles, raising butt from floor while maintaining a constant knee angle. Return until hips and knees are again extended to 90 degree angles. Repeat for the prescribed number of reps.

Straight Body Side Crunch On Floor- Lie on your side on the floor. Keep your hands straight out above your head, in line with your body. Keep legs straight. Lock your hands together. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs up so that neither are in contact with the floor. Hold this position for the prescribed number of seconds.

Plank- Get on the floor in a push up position. Support your body on your forearms and your toes. Be sure to hold your body in a straight line by keeping your abs tight. Do not let your hips or head sag. Hold for the prescribed number of seconds.

Seated Russian Twists With Leg Cycle- Sit on floor and cross your arms across your chest, grabbing the opposite shoulders. Lean back until your upper torso makes a 45 degree angle to the floor. Rotate trunk to the right while simultaneously bringing your right knee towards your chest. At this point your left elbow will be touching your right knee. In a fsmooth motion rotate to the left and repeat on the other side. Continue to alternate until you finish the prescribed number of reps. One full rotation equals one rep.

There it is folks! You now have a simple yet effective ab workout you can perform anywhere/anytime. Use this three times per week for up to one month. After completing this outine, you will be ready to move on to a more advance workout.

A great six pack is only a few weeks away! Start today and sculpt your stomach faster than you thought possible!

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